Kitchen Renovation

Preparing for a Kitchen Renovation

Family life in Devon, UK, tends to center on the kitchen so functioning without one during a kitchen remodel can disrupt your life. There are ways to prepare.


Set Up a Temporary Kitchen: If it is possible, move your current fridge to another room in the house so you can access it or get a small fridge. A spare microwave can also be useful. Be creative with small plug-in appliances that can make your life easier during the kitchen remodel, such as an electric skillet.


Find a Place to Eat: Since you may eat often in the kitchen you will need to find a way to eat most of your meals.


Invest in Disposable Plates and Utensils: During a kitchen remodel, you’ll have to resort to washing dishes in the bathroom sink so it helps to keep a stockpile of disposable utensils and plates.


Add the Cost of Eating Out to Your Budget: Learn how much your family will typically spend on a meal eaten out of the house and then add this expense to your kitchen renovation budget.


Prepare for Dust and Noise: A kitchen renovation can be messy and disruptive and, unfortunately, there is no way around this. When you plan on there being a mess, it can be easier to tolerate.


Consider Your Pets: If your pets are used to having the run of the house, they can also be affected when sections are off limits.


Get a Sketch Beforehand: If you are going to be moving walls during your kitchen renovation then sit with an architect before you start the project. Think about how the kitchen will work on a functional level.


Be Prepared for the Days When You Don’t See Any Progress: There can be days of waiting since every decision involves a timeline. Be prepared for this so you don’t end up frustrated.


Expect Some Delays: It’s always best to add some to your estimate since there can be delays and unexpected things that come up.

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